Suricata | Δημιουργώντας το Ει! Ψιτ! (Hey!Psit!)
Δημιουργώντας το Ει! Ψιτ!
Andros, Άνδρος, Έι! Ψιτ!, Έι Ψιτ, παραμύθι, φιλοζωΐα, φιλία, μαύρο σκυλάκι, hey, psit
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Creating “Hey! Psst!”

Creating “Hey! Psst!”


One day, on a walk that we did with the Kopolas (the little black Local my male dog), I felt suddenly pulls the leash with which the ruling near me. I found that chasing a hedgehog to play with him. Then an idea came to mind …

I have always loved fairy tales, like any other form of storytelling. I often bought tales for my 5 nephews. I slowly began to grow my own collection. But what I felt missing from my collection was an authrentic Greek tale. A tale with illustrations of the astonishing Greek landscape, based on a story derived from Greek reality. Being fortunate enough to live on Andros, I had too many landscapes to inspire me. Indeed there were so many things that I would like to add that would not fit only in that tale. That’s why I created the lost pages (also available on my site). At the same time, though, I wanted to touch the topic of the stray dogs, which I think is another black spot for our country. I hope this will slowly change from today’s children, who will be tomorrow’s adults.

I wrote the story and started to design. But I went through many phases until it was completed. Doubt, fatigue, frustration and some moments when it was impossible to work on it. Thanks to the kind words my friends and my family, I was able to keep my faith in what I had started. The help of Panos was a catalyst, because throughout this process,he  has been my companion and my biggest supporter. Fortunately the difficulties I met, were  defeated by my original enthusiasm.

Eventually, the tale ‘ Hey! Psst! ‘ was released and is a sign of love for the island of Andros, a voice to help lonely stray dogs, an hymn  to friendship, but also an encouragement to never lose our courage and optimism. Or at least, if we do lose them, to manage to recuperate soon, because certainly something unexpectedly good will happen!