Lost Pages - Χαμένες Σελίδες - Suricata
Δραστηριότητες με τις χαμένες σελίδες
Andros, Άνδρος, Έι! Ψιτ!, Έι Ψιτ, παραμύθι, φιλοζωΐα, φιλία, μαύρο σκυλάκι, χαμένες σελίδες, δραστηριότητα, παιδιά. lost, pages
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Lost Pages – Χαμένες Σελίδες

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Lost Pages – Χαμένες Σελίδες

While I was building the story a strong north wind blew and I lost some of the pages that I had sketched. I cried out to my friends and Kopolas to come to help, but when the pages were found, it was too late. The tale was already ready.

Now, anyone can use the lost pages that include drawings and text, for extra activities with children. Download pdf from  here, print it and let kids express themselves freely on the paintings. If you want  to use the aid of the accompanying text, to give children some direction. Otherwise let them imagine by themselves what words could have been exchanged by the little black dog and those he met. Let them think where each encounter might have taken place every time and draw what may exist on the background.

Use this material with respect and love. Have fun!