About Suricata - Suricata
Πληροφορίες για την Σουρικάτα
Suricata, Andros, Σουρικάτα, Σχέδιο, Ευτυχία,, Ηλιάδου
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About Suricata

Know me better!

Hey! Psst! My name is Eftychia Iliadou, also known as Suricata. Every day, from dawn till dusk I design and listen to music. Aside from designing I love watching movies, reading books and tales. My favorite book is “The city and the dogs”, by Mario Vargas Llosa’s and my favorite storyteller-Illustrator is Oliver Jeffers. I find it hard to pick a favorite movie, as I can’t pick a favourite painter-designer or favorite color. However, I can confidently say that I love the movie posters of Saul Bass.

I swim all year long, winter and summer and run regularly. Andros is the ideal place for  these activities. But at the same time the island is a source of inspiration for many of my plans.

I’ve studied Informatics at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and I have done masters in graphic design-multimedia in the Hellenic Open University. I also collaborate with other agencies and businesses, taking a number of different projects. If you want to know more about my work and what I can do, read on.

Standout Design

Design graphics, brochures and logos with different techniques, depending on the case. Always comply with the basic principles of Visual communication and semantics. I often use bright colors, geometric shapes and lines. The final plans are designed to be impressed on the mind of the observer.

Standout Pictures

I make illustrations for posters, packagings, covers, advertisements and tales. Often I choose to combine watercolor and crayons with digital designs. Primitivism and Fauvism are both some of the artistic movements that have influenced me a lot in the way I design, but many times I choose to draw with simple shapes and spot colors.

Standout Websites

I create websites with targeted content, appropriate accompanying graphics and photos. I take special care to always have high usability and functionality, but I’m interested in causing positive emotional responses to the user.